Patricia Cerezo found out about her dismissal from ‘De Viernes’ just when the signing of Terelu Campos was closed

The ex-wife of Ramon Garcia has suffered collateral damage after the earthquake that caused Alejandra Rubio’s pregnancy and is “feeding the whole family,” as she said Terelu Campos in his first interview as soon as the news broke. She herself has just signed up for the program Friday, after months and months of negotiations that never materialized. But, finally, after her first interview in the space presented by Bea Archidona and Santi Acosta, the daughter of María Teresa Campos closed a financial agreement that was more than satisfactory for her and since this week she occupies one of the chairs in the space produced by Mandarina on Telecinco.

Thanks to her, the one who has been left out has been Patricia Cerezo. As told Informalia A few months ago, the ex-wife of the Grand Prix presenter was in the crosshairs of her bosses, who were waiting for a suitable signing, such as Terelu Campos, to do without her. And all because despite her ultra-famous contacts and friendships, Patricia never managed to get any of her to sit on the set to be interviewed. In fact, she went from occupying the first chair to the last and was replaced by Ángela Portero, ex-wife and partner of one of the producers but above all much better informed and more incisive. Previously, Patricia Izquierdo and Adriano Silva had suffered the same fate as her.

The worst thing about this story is that Cerezo found out about her dismissal only two days before having to sit down to work and, although her bosses sold it to her very well because she will not remain unemployed, the truth is that she seemed very upset, although they recognize us: “She was expecting it at any moment…”, a person very close to the journalist tells us. Cerezo is not left without work. They have assured her of some participation in the program’s scoops and also starting next Monday she will sit down again as a talk show host. in the space On everyone’s lips, which is presented by his friend Nacho Abad and is also from the same production company. But this is not something that was given to him. Before agreeing to sit in From FridayPatricia negotiated this point. If at some point her collaboration on Acosta’s program ended, she would return to Cuatro. And so it will be..

Even so, they tell us that in recent months Patricia was not entirely happy with the tone that the format was taking, in which children destroy their mothers, with devastating testimonies from several representatives of Álvaro García Pelayo such as Ángel Cristo or his close friend Fran Rivera, the one who sat down to talk about his mother’s addictions or to say that his daughter Tana Rivera is not the fruit of love. All to scratch some audience points from the competition week after week. These questions were beginning to feel a little more uncomfortable for Patricia and this is something that was difficult for her to manage. “The tone was much more aggressive than when they started and they were sold that this program was the complete opposite of the Deluxe and every week it became more similar. It was not at all comfortable for Patricia.”they tell us.

Kiko Gámez, his greatest support

Luckily, throughout this time, Cerezo has had the support of her boyfriend, Kiko Gamez, with whom this weekend he escaped to Valencia to disconnect. Together they attended the wedding of the daughter of jeweler Cristina Yanes, which was attended by countless personalities from the world of business and high society. It is in that circle where she moves. Kiko and Patricia met three years ago, when she separated from Ramón García, after 24 years of marriage and two daughters together.

Patricia Cerezo and Kiko Gámez at Natalia Santos’ wedding

Since then they have not separated and they do not rule out getting married. He is from Mancha Real, a town in Jaén, and is the current global director of E-commerce at Telefónica. He also teaches Digital Marketing and Digital Transformation at the IBS BM Business School. He has several Masters in Business Administration and is an expert in Development, Strategy and Business Product. However, he still does not live with his girlfriend, despite being very much in love, and it is because they both have children from previous relationships and they spend as much time as they can with them in their respective homes. But everything will happen.

The one who remains single after his separation from Patricia is Ramón García. The presenter and the journalist were married for more than two decades and although the separation seemed idyllic to the public, the truth is that the relationship between them, as of today, is said to be merely “cordial”. He continues on Castilla la Mancha television presenting a show from Monday to Friday and since last year he has been doing the summer edition of the Gran Prix on Spanish Television, which has turned out to be a huge success. However, after his divorce from Patricia he has not been seen with anyone. For the moment