Froilán makes the leap to prime-time: the secrets of his life in Abu Dhabi, uncovered

A few months ago the grandson of the emeritus settled in the Emirates with his grandfather to begin a new stage in his life. There he is protected and there is little information that comes about his work, his friends or his new hobbies, but if the mountain does not go to Muhammad… You already know. froilan stars in the next report of the program Focuswho has followed in the footsteps of the son of the infanta elena for a full week.

It will be broadcast next Monday the 24th in prime-time on Cuatro and promises to reveal some of the unknowns that have surrounded this vital turn in the life of Froilán, who now works for one of the world’s major oil companies. For example, if the decision was his own or an imposition of his mother, how it was published. Colleagues and neighbors of Froilán have spoken with reporters to detail what the day-to-day life of Victoria Federica’s brother is like, who has become fond of the fashionable sport: paddle tennis.

Froilán, 24, has adapted very well to his new life, so much so that he already has a list of favorite bars and restaurants that he frequents with his circle of trust, he has even found new delicacies in the gastronomy of the area of ​​which enjoy every weekend.

He points out that the report is quite white and the image of the most wayward grandson of Don Juan Carlos it can come out stronger. However, the fact that a group of journalists have followed Froilán for a week, accessed his inner circle and brought the material to prime time television will not please his mother, the Infanta Elena, nor Real home.