Froilán collides with his grandfather Don Juan Carlos, fed up with so much golfing: Abu Dhabi is not a nursery

as told Informalia in exclusive, froilanhis sister Victoria Federicaand his mother, the infanta elenatraveled to Abu Dhabi after the funeral of Constantine of Greece in Athens to enjoy a few more days with Don Juan Carloswho has resided there since 2020.

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After being implicated in a knife fight on the outskirts of a Madrid nightclub, it transpired that the nephew of Philip VI he was going to move for a while with his grandfather and thus get away from controversies and spotlights. However, his plane ticket was round-trip.

according to account The reasonthe emeritus, who has decided to pay taxes in the United Arab Emirateshe was not very open to receiving his grandson in his house because “it is not a nursery” for the children of Doña Elena, as he likes to be called the sister of the infanta christina. She “is trying to recover her image and she doesn’t want her to see herself damaged again because of her grandchildren.”

It should be remembered that both Froilán and his influencer sister are fighting for the title of most party-goer in our royal family. His appearances in the press often have more to do with late-night partying or show business, where Vic has found a way of life that has little to do with his parents’ wishes for how his youngest daughter should earn her bread. . The image of the children of Jaime de Marichalar has nothing to do with them Urdangarinmuch more reserved and with exemplary behavior.