Anabel Pantoja y Yulen Pereira They set off all the alarms this Friday because in their respective Instagram profiles there was no longer any trace of one or the other. Deleting the photos from his social networks was interpreted as a crisis between them or, even, it could suppose a rupture. Nothing could be further from the truth.

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This same Friday night, the athlete went to the Madrid airport to pick up the singer’s niece. “I’m freaking out, really, he has his profile and his things because they don’t publish photos…”, Anabel managed to say before the prisoner who was waiting for her at the airport.

At the first of Kiko Rivera He explained the reason why he had not shared anything with his boy for a few days: “We are working, he is on his line, I am in the Canary Islands.” Plus, they’re deep in the middle of moving into their new love nest together: “I ran away so I could see the house.” “They criticize me because I upload even when I pee and now because I don’t upload anything,” the influencer complained.

For his part, Yulen took advantage of the reunion with his girlfriend to ensure that “everything is cool” between them and also confessed that he is fully devoted to fencing: “Everything is fine, it’s going to the fullest.” After this, the niece got into the vehicle of her boyfriend and they left together to enjoy these days of rest in the capital.