Froilán, caught ‘incognito’ in Ibiza: a famous journalist speaks out

The last time he was seen in Ibiza was last June, enjoying a few days on a yacht and the most famous techno parties on the island. Last weekend, she returned to warm up for summer, which is already around the corner. The son of the Infanta Elena and Jaime de Marichalar has enjoyed a getaway to the Balearic island, where they were also Isabel Díaz Ayuso and Susanna Griso. It was precisely the Antena 3 presenter who revealed the young man’s secret plans: “He was also in Ibiza, he greeted me at the airport”.

This time, no photographer has noticed Froilán’s presence in La Pitiusa, either because he has learned new techniques of media escapism or because his profile has been low and he has not been seen in crowded places. Let us remember that the brother of Victoria Federica He usually travels with friends to the island and his modus operandi is to stay away from resorts and hotels to rent chalets or mansions away from prying eyes. Among his inner circle is Aitor, the son of Guti and Arancha de Benito, with whom she had a traumatic experience in 2022 when the house where they were staying was attacked.

At 25 years old and after being baptized as the ‘enfant terrible’ of Zarzuela, Froilán has settled down. His circle affirms that he is calmer since he moved to Abu Dhabi, where he worked for the climate summit, COP 28. There he has strengthened his relationship with his grandfather, whom he accompanies to dinners and various events, although he always returns to Spain that your schedule allows it. In October we saw him in Madrid for his cousin Leonor’s 18th birthday and in December he returned for his mother’s anniversary, who blew out 60 candles a few days before Christmas. Last April he attended the wedding between José Luis Martínez Almeida and Teresa Urquijo with his grandparents, his sister, his mother and his aunt. A day later, he accompanied the entire Borbón family at the funeral of Fernando Gómez-Acebo, who died at the age of 49 after a long illness.