“Don’t attack him too much”: Bárbara Rey’s plea to Telecinco after the expulsion of Ángel Cristo from ‘Survivors’

This Tuesday, Angel Christ He said goodbye to his adventure in the Cayos Cochinos after being disciplinaryly expelled for jumping the security perimeter that the organization had established, disappearing for more than three hours. It happened after Sunday’s gala, in which he had a tense clash with Aurah Ruiz on the Concordia Bridge, and shortly after he put the organization of the format in check, which even had to involve the Honduran Naval Force to intervene in his search. . It was in the last installment of No man’s landwhere the contestant learned of the program’s decision: “Thank you. That’s what I wanted, to leave.”. Her expulsion has generated all kinds of reactions, including that of his mother, Barbara Rey.

The former star was very concerned about her son’s disappearance this Tuesday: “He’s okay, right? I’m not going to talk about it but the bottom line is that I’m going to continue loving him no matter what he does to me all my life. Although stab me. Above all, I’m going to love my son,” he acknowledged live on television. Not that we were shh.

Now safe and expelled, Sofía Cristo’s mother spoke out this Wednesday: “I saw that he has been expelled. Everything is very sad, I am having a very bad time,” she told Makoke in This is life. The former wife of the most famous circus trainer in Spain has also shared a request for all the members of the house: “He is my son and I love him, don’t attack him too much”. A few words that show that Bárbara Rey is not having the best time of her life and the love that she continues to show for her son. Even more so, after the battery of darts that the contestant of Survivors before heading to Honduras in Friday!.

Another of the most anticipated reactions was that of his partner, Ana Herminia: “Let it be clear to everyone that Ángel, if he was not expelled, was going to pay to leave. He said it very clearly, the show had ended when the program began. I wanted to leave ever since I went to see him, because I couldn’t take it anymore with everything I was experiencing and I regret having convinced him to stay. But he, for his team, Ángel did it,” he wrote on his social networks. “Thank God this adventure is over. We will emerge stronger from this nightmare experienced, but the story will continue”sentenced.