France beats team USA in FIBA World Cup

The dreams of USA of winning the FIBA World Cup for the third time have been shattered. They were bundled out of the tournament by France. The team lost the quarterfinals match with France and will not be able to compete any more this year.

The loss may have its own issues because of the fact that a host of NBA stars in the Team USA have opted out of the match. Of course, there are talented players like Jaylen Brown, Donovan Mitchell, and Kemba Walker. The coach Gregg Popovich himself is a five-times NBA Champion. In fact, the team USA lost after a continuous winning streak. Team USA has won 58 matches in a stretch in World Cups and Olympics.

Like Kemba Walker pointed it out, “We lost. There’s nothing we can do. We competed. We’ve been competing since day one that we got to training camp. But we gave it everything we’ve got. I know we’re Team USA and things of that nature, and they’ve been winning for a lot of years, but you know, we didn’t get a chance to pull it off.”

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France did beat the team USA by a comfortable 89 – 79. Incidentally, this is the first time that France could beat the US team in the last nine matches that the two teams have ever met in the major world championships.

It was assumed that the team USA was not in the right form. They could scrape through a win in the last match against Turkey and win by 93-92 in overtime. Team USA will now fight with Serbia to decide the deciders for the fifth to eighth places.