Fran Rivera's surprising confession about the relationship she has with her brother Cayetano

Frank Rivera surprised this Friday with an interview on Telecinco in which he spoke about his conflict with Isabel Pantoja, whom he has never forgiven for not returning his father's belongings. In addition, the right-hander spoke about the zero relationship that he has with Julian Contrerashis maternal brother, and also with Kiko Rivera, the paternal one. Despite the famous approaches that she had with the DJ in recent years, the relationship between the two is broken today. About Cayetano Riveraclarified what their relationship is like.

“I don't talk to Julián and Kiko. One gets tired of trying and trying. We have different upbringings, each one looks for a life. Time puts everyone in their place, but I can't tell you that I wouldn't talk to them again. “said the son of Paquirri and Carmina Ordóñez.

Regarding his relationship with Julián, the bullfighter stated that he asked him for money and then disappeared. “He asked me for money, I told him I couldn't and he disappeared. He went on TV to skin me,” he said, visibly hurt on the TV plate. Santi Acosta y Beatriz Archidona.

The relationship with Cayetano, however, is very different. Although they have a good relationship, they have also fought. “I have another relationship, sometimes we fight, other times we are better, but he calls me and I call him. We have more things in common,” Fran confessed.

Although he boasts of maintaining contact with Cayetano, the bullfighter bluntly stated who his family is for him. “My family is my wife, my children and my friends. My friends are more family than my brothers.”