Former minister and writer Maxim Huerta, admitted urgently for acute colon diverticulitis

At 53 years old, Maxim Huerta He is already recovered at home, and he himself has told it on his networks, since he has been forced to cancel his weekend schedule. Ana Rosa, who was his boss years ago, addressed emotional words to him this Thursday: “From here, Max, we wish you a speedy recovery and that you soon return to public activity again,” said the presenter. “I want to remember that many years ago he already had diverticulitis, he had a crisis and it turned out great, and he has been well for many years. If you are watching us Max, a huge kiss to the whole family,” she said.

Just a few days ago, the journalist was revisiting current events for a very different reason than his health. Juan Avellaneda confirmed the big bombshell: his first romantic relationship was with Maximo Huerta. According to the designer, both ended “GOOD“But they currently have no relationship.”When you have broken up with someone… There is no need to talk about exes either.“said the designer, who lived his love story with Huerta in 2009. Their relationship lasted about two years. At that time, the designer was 24 years old and Máximo was 36. They both met through mutual friends and had a discreet romance. .

In 2018, Máximo was appointed Minister of Culture and Sports in Pedro Sánchez’s portfolio and Avellaneda congratulated him on his new position through social networks. This gesture suggests that the stylist and the presenter, who went down in history as the shortest minister of democracy after his resignation, then maintained a good relationship despite the breakup.

However, to this day they do not maintain contact. The reason for their distancing has been the passage of time and the different directions they have taken. Although they were important to each other, a lot has rained since then and it is normal for ex-couples to let the water flow. In the sentimental field, Juan Avellaneda is in a great moment. The Catalan designer passed through the altar in 2022 with the businessman Sergio Corbera after 10 years of relationship. The businessman has daughters from his previous relationship and is also a grandfather, so Avellaneda acts as a stepgrandfather. Sergio is a businessman who is dedicated to the management of luxury properties in the Eixample of Barcelona. There are few times that Avellaneda has addressed him in interviews or social networks: “He’s my guinea pig“, he assured in 2019 before participating in MasterChef Celebrity. Huerta, for her part, went through a sentimental slump a few months ago, when she broke up with her former interior designer, Juan Castillo, after five years together.