Ana Rosa talks about politics: “The big lie has been consummated, the amnesty that the government always denied”

“After promising 48 million Spaniards that there would be no amnesty, nearly 170 defendants will be freed from charges in exchange for the seven votes that Sánchez needs to govern,” he said. Ana Rosa Quintana this Thursday, repeating with the appropriate updates, the editorial from Wednesday, when he beat Sonsoles Ónega and led his time band.

“Sánchez denied on up to seven occasions that he was going to grant amnesty to the people who seven years ago proclaimed the independence of Catalonia for seven seconds. And on up to seven occasions the president said this Government was not going to accept an amnesty because it did not fall within the Constitution or legislation,” said the journalist who was banned from talking about politics in the afternoons a year ago by the CEO of Mediaset.

“The lie of 7 became a change of opinion that has given a 7 to the democratic fabric of our country in exchange for making a tailored suit for Puigdemont. Sánchez has broken the equality that the constitution of ’78 guaranteed. The roadmap It is clear.. First the pardons, the reduction of embezzlement, erasure of the crime of sedition and now the amnesty. According to Esquerra and Junts, I open quotes ‘the next stop is the referendum and independence’. the first defeat of the regime of ’78. If the Constitution of ’78 has been defeated, this is a defeat for everyone, as a country, as a society, as free citizens and as democracy,” he said.