Forceful Rodolfo Sancho after visiting his son Daniel: “Whoever thinks I’m lying on the ground crying, that’s not me”

Rodolfo Sancho’s first words in Thailand. “There are two ways to take when things come in life, as a misfortune or as a challenge. They are not going to get tears from me.” He has been that blunt after his first visit to his son, Daniel Sancho, in the Koh Samui prison this Wednesday, September 6. This is the first reunion of father and son after the chef confessed to the murder and dismemberment of the Colombian doctor Edwin Arrieta.

He has also had words for the Colombian family. He has sent his “deepest condolences and condolences” for the “enormous pain” after what happened. He has expressed his desire that the Police deliver the case report to the Prosecutor’s Office and lawyers to find out “exactly what has happened.” Rodolfo, before the Efe microphones, thanked all the people who have supported him in these difficult weeks for him and his family. The actor, in his first intervention before the media microphones, said: “Whoever thinks I’m lying on the floor crying, that’s not me.”

The times of the visits have been complicated because the young man’s mother, Silvia Bronchalo, would have booked all the appointments for this week in prison. This has been reported in Public mirror. The appointments are fifteen minutes long. If this agenda had been confirmed by the prison officials, Bronchalo and Sancho would have to agree to go see their son.

Rodolfo landed in Bangkok last Sunday and this Wednesday he went to the Koh Samui prison, where Daniel has been in pretrial detention since August 7. It took the actor more than a month to fly to Thailand, apparently for financial reasons. It is estimated that he will need more than 130,000 euros to cover the trip.