And the kiss of the Infanta Cristina and Iñaki Urdangarin arrived: the nine proof of their approach

The kiss of the former dukes of Palma arrived. Second great family moment of the year for the Urdangarin-Borbón family. Above all, for Cristina and Iñaki. Last June there was a great conclave in Geneva. We saw certain gestures of approach and we did not see tension between them. Irene’s graduation brought them together. Now, it has been Paul. His parents wanted to be with the player in his debut in the European League with his new team, Fraikin BM Granollers. The kiss occurred in the party, on September 2. It is published by the magazine Hola on its cover.

It happened in the stands of the Palau d’Esports, where Granollers was playing a match against CSM Constanta from Romania, as revealed by the Sports world.

Cristina was with her son Miguel. A row back was Irene with Pablo’s girlfriend, Johanna Zott. At one point, the infanta and Iñaki approached and kissed. The daughter of the emeritus Kings wore white pants combined with an ethnic print blouse. The former handball player opted for her relaxed look, with shorts and a lilac shirt. As seen in the image, Cristina places her hands on his shoulders and they kiss. In the photo below, in Geneva, at the graduation of Irene, the youngest of the house.

This gesture conveys truce. A moment of harmony, and calm. But, above all, it transmits an agreement between them, who are going through a very long divorce process. The former dukes, whose break we met in January 2022, are going through a stage of endless impasse. For the infanta this summer has been the second single.