First statements by Federico of Denmark after being asked about his trip to Madrid with Genoveva Casanova

The Genoveva tornado passes over and over again over the palace of the Danish Royal House. It’s not what it seems It was the first version that Genoveva Casanova launched to explain the photographs of her friendship with Federico of Denmark. Some photos together walking through Madrid, of a consolidated friendship. And that unusual image of Queen Margaret’s son pulling a trolley, in the Mexican woman’s doorway, with that expression of bewilderment first thing in the morning. A nonsense that went around the world. The Danish press has reported the first words of the heir, who until now had remained with his mouth sealed.

We start with Genoveva, who was quick to deny that there is a relationship: “Any statement of this nature not only completely lacks truth but also distorts the facts. This is already in the hands of my lawyers, who will take the appropriate measures to protect my right to truth and privacy.”

Then, it was the turn of the Royal House that closed ranks with the prince by issuing a statement in which it highlighted its policy: “Do not comment on or confirm any details that are related to private matters.” Well, now Federico has spoken. A Danish journalist, at a public event, asked him the big question: “Crown Prince Frederick, do you have any comments on what the Spanish media has published?” Federico responded: “I don’t have one.” These two words were picked up by the Swedish newspaper This very brief statement reinforces the policy of silence, of closing ranks and of not increasing insinuations.