Leonor, with the camouflage uniform, the hat and the HK rifle, projects an image of modernity and feminism in the Army and the Royal House. The Princess of Asturias, 17 years old, has been a lady cadet at the Zaragoza Military Academy since her debut at the saber presentation ceremony. This Wednesday, the King’s House distributed 20 new photographs of the Princess of Asturias during the instruction period at La General.

These have been the first steps of the daughter of Felipe VI and Letizia in her military training, which will take her through the three academies over the next three years.

In the photographs, we see the heiress in training and at a shooting practice range. Since her entry into La General on August 17, Leonor joined the I Cadet Battalion and spent the training period. Throughout these weeks, the students have carried out marches, topographical tours, and shooting exercises with the HK assault rifle on their shoulders (weighing 3.3 kilos).

Also, he has practiced with the rest of his colleagues on the combat courts, as published by the Official Training and Doctrine Command (MADOC) on its official X account with the labels of the AGM of Zaragoza and the Army. In the photo below, a night march.

Afterwards, Leonor entered the Reception, Orientation and Adaptation Module to military life (MAOA), which lasts two weeks. Below her, she with glasses and camouflage paint on her face, she poses with the group (second row, left).

During this first month, physical preparation has been essential for the new students. “They are taught to teach competently and through exemplarity,” they instruct from the Academy. The Physical Training Department encourages the creation of sporting habits and they are trained in military sports, such as shooting patrols or military pentathlon. The instruction and training phase concluded on September 10.

“Hard and demanding” period

The heiress faces a path of growth, resilience and personal maturity. The new students will create “some bonds” that will accompany them “forever,” noted the director of the University Defense Center, Francisco José Gómez Ramos, in the welcome letter to La General. In their companions, they will find “the strength to move forward despite the difficulties.” The director stressed that this period is “hard and demanding.”

Three years, three Academies

The Princess’s next act, after the presentation of sabers, will be the Flag Oath on October 7. With a kiss on her insignia, the daughter of Felipe VI and Letizia will express her oath and promise to defend Spain, even at the cost of her own life.

The following destinations are Leonor, Marín and San Javier. At the Pontevedra Naval School he will embark on the Juan Sebastián Elcano Training Ship. In the Navy, the daughter of the Kings will enter as a Midshipman. It will be her second year of training, which she will complete the third at the General Academy of Air and Space of San Javier, Murcia, where she will enter as a Student Ensign. When she comes to the Throne in the future she will be captain general of the three Armies as supreme command of the Armed Forces.