The president of the FUTPRO women’s football union, Amanda Gutiérrez, assured after the meeting of the international footballers with the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) and the Higher Sports Council (CSD) at the Oliva (Valencia) concentration that they have “closer positions” and that “there will be changes” within the federation.

“It has been agreed to make these changes in the structure of women’s football, we want to have the organizational chart exactly the same as the men’s, to make the section more professional, in the end what we have always been asking for is the same treatment that is received from the men’s team. Changes are going to be applied,” he assured the media at dawn.

According to Gutiérrez, at the meeting “all points were presented clearly.” “This time also in front of the president of the Higher Sports Council (CSD) and the positions have become quite close. You may have already mentioned that it has been agreed to create a mixed commission in which both the RFEF and the players, through the representatives that they designate, they will be able to be there, and the Higher Sports Council will also be able to be there,” he clarified.

“In that commission we have agreed on powers that cover all the points that they have been demanding for so long, such as the changes in the organizational chart of women’s football, this strategic plan for women’s football and other changes that we have already been talking about these days,” he explained. .

On the other hand, he denied that there was pressure from the RFEF on the players to attend the concentration, prior to the two Nations League matches against Sweden and Switzerland. “Chronologically it is true that a statement is made saying that they go when they do not want to go. That is a reality, but it is also another reality that when we arrived here what has been transmitted is that if any soccer player does not want to be here, she would leave. to call off and a commitment was made by both the RFEF and the CSD not to apply sanctions,” he added.

“From then on there has been no pressure from anyone, from any of the people who have been here, and in fact they have made the decision freely without anyone being in the room and in the end, that’s how they have were the results, which we learned later when they were transferred to us,” concluded Gutiérrez.