First images of Infanta Sofía in Wales: the adventure begins

The little daughter of Felipe and Letizia it has already been installed at UWC Atlantic College. Barely ten hours after saying goodbye to her parents (and his dog Jan) at the gates of her house, Zarzuela has shared some new images that show the arrival of the infanta sofia to his new home, the same as his sister Leonor left just two months ago.

Dressed in the same cargo pants, black top and checked shirt with which she left Spain, Infanta Sofía shows her best smile for the camera as she discovers the spectacular landscapes that will accompany her for the next two years. The king’s daughter walks through the English countryside, posing in front of one of the boarding school buildings and even showing the center’s swimming pool, with impressive views of the sea.

Thus begins the new stage of the youngest of the house, who has decided to follow in the footsteps of her sister Leonor to complete her training. The Infanta Sofía will attend the International Baccalaureate at this prestigious boarding school. She will now have a few days to acclimatize as classes do not start until September 5th. For the students, these previous days will serve as an adaptation to the program of the Castle of St Donat’s, the routines, the coexistence, the community volunteer work and the food.