Find out where Matthew Berry stands in Week 16 during the 2023 fantasy football season.

Find out where Matthew Berry stands in Week 16 during the 2023 fantasy football season.

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“Yeah, yeah,” you say, “I’m in charge.” Okay, fine. Still not done. Give me some ranks.” My friend on the Internet, I hear you and am with you.

There will be a lot of time to celebrate, give yourself high-fives, and think. That time is not now.

Now is a good moment to pay attention. To give each move on the roster a lot of thought. I mean every single move on the roster.

A lot is at stake right now, and I’m sure that anyone who’s been watching this week will admit that they wish they had made at least one different move.

In fantasy football, Peyton Manning is a sure thing. But over the last five weeks, Peyton has been averaging 14.2 fantasy points per game, the same as his brother but less than Teddy Bridgewater’s 14.8.

As the Broncos have become more run-heavy, Manning is tied for 15th in fantasy points per game. With a tough road game at Cincinnati, it’s reasonable to wonder if there are better options out there.

Just so you know, Peyton is only the 14th most popular quarterback on ESPN leagues that have made it to the championship game.

Or being bad at the improper time, as many owners of Aaron Rodgers learned last week. I was one of them in one league.

Yes, those who read this week’s Love/Hate will know that team lost by a few points because Rodgers threw a bad game (it’s a six-point-per-touchdown league, too), and I played Eli Manning and Odell Beckham Jr. Just mean—if Jordy Nelson gets that ball, I’m in the championship game.

Would have, could have, should have… that’s not who you want to be, so study up, friend. Fantasy Nation, don’t cry for me; I’m still waiting for the finals of a few leagues.

The ranks will be changed several times this week, so please check back often, especially on Sunday morning because there will be a change late Saturday night.

Please come back often, especially on Sunday morning, because there will be a new post late Saturday night.

Then, stay tuned to ESPN2 or the WatchESPN app every Sunday at 11 a.m. ET for “Fantasy Football Now,” which has the latest news on injuries and rankings. In this case, I have no idea what’s going on with the 49ers running backs right now.

Frank Gore has a concussion and Carlos Hyde is hurt. Things will be uncertain until Saturday.

Yes, Saturday. We have games on Thursday, Sunday, and Monday, and we also have two games on Saturday. Kid, make sure you look alive and get ready to shine. This week is yours.

It’s always a good time for rankings, whether you’re going hard in bestball streets or getting ready for the draft.

This week, I still have Manning as a top-10 quarterback, but he’s not in my top three, which I would not have thought possible earlier in the season.

Along with my Top 200, here are my updated PPR Positional Rankings for the 2023 season. Austin Ekeler at RB was my “Ride or Die” pick in 2021, Jalen Hurts at QB in 2022, and Amon-Ra St. Brown at WR this year has been my “Ride or Die.”

A lot can change between now and Week 1, but this is how I would value these players if I were draft them RIGHT NOW. Remember that positional rankings are useful, but only if they are used right.

In this case, that means using these along with my Top 200 list to get a fuller picture of how much each player is worth overall and where a certain tier might begin or end.