Bárbara Rey joined forces on Christmas Eve with her daughter Sofía after “losing” her son: “I'm fine”

She said that for her her son no longer existed. Therefore, this Christmas is going to be the saddest for Bárbara Rey, since, for the first time, she is away from her son, after Ángel Cristo has destroyed her on the television sets in exchange for a large sum of money, talking about his childhood and saying horrible things about his own mother.

Furthermore, the son of the star and the tamer who died in 2004 also claimed that the real hell in his house was his mother and not his father, statements that have not only affected the actress, but also her sister Sofía, with whom has severed the bond of relationship.

We have spoken with Barbara and we have found her very affected. Leaving her daughter's house, she confessed to us that she is having a “very good time” but she emphasized: “With my daughter.”

He has sued his son for his harsh statements on Telecinco

However, whatever lover of Juan Carlos I He avoided answering if he will be able to see his granddaughter, as he already confessed a few days ago, and if he has bought her a gift: “I never talk about minors,” he stressed, making it clear that he is not going to make any statement regarding his granddaughter. What he also did not want to talk about is his son, whom they claim he has sued, as he has revealed in recent weeks, for having told intimate details on television.

Barbara never thought that the story she has always told and defended in the media would be confronted with that of her son. She, too, did not imagine that Ángel could put her in this public position, accusing her of blackmailing not only King Juan Carlos I but other men, accusations that the star rejects outright.