Felipe VI attends the cinema without Letizia and with his friend Álvaro Fuster: what movie has the king seen

Movie afternoon for the King. Don Felipe has attended, without Doña Letizia, the premiere of the documentary film Latin America, by José Luis López-Linares, at the MK2 Cine Paz, at 125 Fuencarral. Right there, just a step away from Malasaña, so cool and so modern. An early summer afternoon (25º degrees), in the middle of the street, bustling and vibrant, with that noise of the Chamberí neighborhood. The neighbors, big-eyed, minutes before the movie began, looked left and right. With her height, it is impossible for her Majesty to go unnoticed, I thought.

Felipe VI has approached Paz. He was walking along the odd-numbered sidewalk. He has saluted with his right hand. He was very smiling. As soon as he arrived, people, cell phones in hand, began to record each of his steps and gestures. All, in perfect screen synchronization. “It’s the King, look in the foreground, how crazy,” could be heard at the door of the cinema. No trace of Doña Letizia. We have seen Álvaro Fuster, a childhood friend of the monarch, who arrived 15 minutes before the screening, which was announced for 6:00 p.m. this Friday, April 12

Traveling week for Don Felipe

It has been a traveling week for Don Felipe. This Thursday the 11th, an express visit with Mrs. Letizia in Las Palmas where the 2023 National Innovation and Design Awards were presented. The event began at 1:30 p.m. (peninsular time) and that same afternoon, already back in the capital, the Kings visited Mrs. Sofía at the Ruber Clinic, where she has been admitted since Tuesday for a urinary tract infection. And this Friday the 12th in the morning, to Jaén. The head of state has presided over the Flag Oath ceremony in Baena, at the Academy of Guards and Non-Commissioned Officers of the Civil Guard. Hours later, we saw him on Fuencarral street in Madrid. That is, express agenda.

The documentary film Latin America It is a song to life and hope. For its production, López-Linares has collected the testimony of more than 60 historians, most of them Americans, who have glossed the history shared between Spain and America. The film, filmed in different countries (Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Mexico, Spain and the United States), also shows the artistic, architectural and musical heritage of culture in Spanish.

Director, screenwriter and producer, López-Linares has three Goya awards to his credit (Hieronymus Boschbest documentary, in 2016; Iberia, best photography, in 2006; and A moment in someone else’s life, also best documentary, in 2004). As a director of photography, he has worked with Carlos Saura, Fernando Trueba, Jaime Chávarri and Víctor Erice.