Felipe VI and Letizia visit a highly armored Granada for the European summit: a walk through the Alhambra and Michelin dinner

Granada dawns armored security. Kings Felipe VI and Letizia attend the summit of the Political Community of Europe in the city of the Alhambra, which welcomes 50 European heads of state and presidents this Thursday, September 5. Among them, Volodimir Zelensky from Ukraine, the great unknown, and who landed this morning. The attendance of the consorts of leaders is also expected. A summit, hosted by the Government of Spain, which presides over the Union this semester. The great summit includes a tour of the Alhambra Palace and a dinner at the parador with a menu designed by Paco Morales, which has been estimated at 140,000 euros, according to Europa Press.

The international projection for Spain is maximum. The Alhambra is looking for the same impact on the country’s brand image as the one that went viral at the Prado Museum in Madrid, at the 2022 NATO Summit, in front of the Las Meninas painting by Velázquez. Photo below, Pedro Sánchez and Begoña Gómez in the art gallery, with Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron.

Granada woke up this Thursday morning with the airport without commercial flights. The streets of the center, closed to traffic and with prohibitions on parking on public roads. Also, frequency inhibitors. Up to 7,000 security forces agents ensure the success of the summit. In this context, Granada hosts the summit of the European Union, whose first event will be held in the historic Andalusian monumental complex, under the presidency of Felipe VI and Letizia. One of the most anticipated photos will be the one posed in the emblematic Patio de los Leones.

After this meeting, a dinner is scheduled to be served at the Parador de Granada, an ancient Nasrid palace located in the grounds of the monumental palace. A unique setting to host this evening with a dinner, which will be served by chef Paco Morales, a two-Michelin star whose DNA is signature cuisine fused with Andalusian tradition, as reported by Europa Press.