Feijóo ‘shoots’ against Begoña Gómez after her husband’s reflection maneuver: marital transparency

feijóo aims to reinforce the conditions of transparency for the family environment of the presidents. The president of the PP said it this Tuesday in Congress, where he brought together all the deputies and senators of his party. The popular leader announces this measure in the midst of controversy over the accusations against the wife of Pedro Sanchez for their work activity and business contacts. Above all, after the five-day break that the President of the Government has taken to think about whether he was worth continuing in office when his wife receives so much “mud.”

Without naming Begoña Gomez, what Feijóo proposes to the PSOE is a “tailor-made suit” for the president’s wife: a kind of “conjugal transparency”, a legislative initiative so that the spouses of the presidents of the Government are obliged to be accountable to the Government and declare all their economic, financial and labor activities. He speaks of “spouses”, so if we apply the literal nature of the proposal, this new regulation would not involve the boyfriend of Ayuso nor to Feijóo himself, who is not married to Eva Cardenas.

In reality, the proposal is an adaptation of Spanish legislation to what the Council of Europe requests, which requires greater transparency for spouses and dependent family members of senior central government officials. It seeks to expand the scope of financial reporting requirements to include disaggregated and detailed information on assets, interests, supplementary employment and liabilities; and consider the possibility of shortening the deadlines for the submission and publication of reports, and including information on spouses and dependent family members, understanding that such information would not necessarily have to be made public.

In the PP they maintain that what we are learning about Begoña Gómez does not happen because there is a legal loophole in Spain but because the president has not recused himself from decisions relating to companies that Begoña contacted.