Fede Vidal: “The 2024 World Cup is the great challenge for the Spanish team”


The absolute national futsal coach, Fede Vidal, recognized that the “great challenge” of the Spanish team is the 2024 World Cup, which will be held in Uzbekistan from September 14 to October 6, a tournament to which they will arrive “with a fairly complete”, after having “met” the “primary objective” of the qualification for the appointment.

“The balance of 2023 is positive. We have fulfilled the objective of qualifying for the 2024 World Cup, which was evidently the main objective of the year, and which, as we all see, is becoming more demanding and more complicated. Each World Cup, each European, It is growing more and in Europe the classification today is very complicated,” Vidal said in statements to the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF).

The coach took stock of this year, in which he missed the last six World Cup qualifying games “due to a health problem.” Albert Canillas, the U-19 coach, became the senior team, with a tally of five wins and one draw.

Thus, the team won the ticket for the next World Cup, a tournament it has not won since 2004. “We know that this is obviously the great challenge that this team has, logically we are going to work a lot for it,” said Vidal, while acknowledging that “Every year there are more teams with options” and “it is more complicated.”

“For us, both the players, the coaching staff, and the fans, it is something that we all want very much and that we are going to try to fulfill,” the coach advanced.

To achieve this, the player from Jerez de la Frontera leads a process of “regeneration of players and, at the same time, maturity of others.” “We are in a positive moment, because we have both players with experience for this type of events and young players who are starting their career in the national team, but with important background. We are going to arrive with a fairly complete team at the World Cup,” he assured.

In addition, the coach praised the “important new values” of the under-19 team, brand new runners-up in Europe, although he warned of a “not short” adaptation to the senior team. “Acquiring that maturity for, for example, a European or a World Cup is quite complex,” he said.

“We have to continue trying to grow, enormous work is being done by the RFEF and the National Futsal Committee to continue growing in all competitions. All the federations and the entire public at the European and world level have access to the futsal competitions. the RFEF as something that everyone looks at, everyone sees them as an example,” he concluded.