Eugenia Martínez de Irujo: her Christmas after Fran Rivera implied that her daughter is not the fruit of love

Frank Rivera He has always sold his life to magazines and it is not strange to see him talking about himself and other people on television shows. But in recent weeks Carmina's son has accused the mother of his daughter Cayetana of allowing him to be “skinned as a father” after separating from her.

The relationship between the daughter of the Duchess of Alba is currently cordial, but Francisco Rivera spoke about her in his last Telecinco, and earning good money, about how bad it was after his separation, 20 years ago, from Eugenia Martínez of Irujo, opening up like never before about a stage that, as he confesses, was “terrible.” He went so far as to deny that Tana was born as a result of the love between her father and her mother, implying that They did not marry in love.

Recognizing that perhaps they were not prepared to get married because of how young they were both, the former bullfighter assures that his daughter Cayetana was the most beautiful and compensates for what he suffered when he judicially requested custody of the girl when she was 13 years old and told her that he wanted live with him. “I am not innocent, but I am only guilty, time has told me that neither is it. I have no resentment against Eugenia, but how she behaved afterwards was not good and I suffered a lot and Cayetana suffered a lot. I was skinned as a father, and Eugenia gave rise to that,” he said.

Francisco has revealed for the first time that he went into “depression” after their separation: “I clung to my daughter and my profession, but they were two terrible years that I don't even want to remember. The press has spent a lot of time without knowing anything about me.” has recounted, avoiding going into details about why he claims that Eugenia caused him to be “skinned” publicly in different media.

Has time healed the wounds?

Some statements about which the daughter of the Duchess of Alba has not commented, although those around her suggest that they would not have affected her because time has healed the wounds and her current relationship with both Tana and Fran is excellent.

While her daughter has celebrated Christmas Eve and Christmas with her father, her siblings Carmen and Curro and Lourdes Montes in Seville, Eugenia is experiencing these dates in a very different way. On the 24th, as is tradition and as she herself has shared on her social networks, she had dinner at the Liria palace with Narcís Rebollo, her brothers – with the exception of Cayetano Martínez de Irujo, estranged from his family – and some of her nephews, such as Fernando Fitz-James Stuart and Sofía Palazuelo.

And at Christmas she headed to the snow with her husband. The couple, as complicit as ever, were seen at the Madrid AVE station to enjoy the last days of 2023 enjoying one of their great passions, skiing.

Has been Narcís Rebollo the one who has revealed his whereabouts, sharing a fun stories on Eugenia's Instagram, happy as a girl, lying on the white blanket that surrounds the mountainous landscape where they are and where they wait for Cayetana to say goodbye to the year with her.