F2O Sports invites fans to be co-owners of a club “for less than $100”

The company, based in Silicon Valley, aims to change the model in football, basketball and other sports teams

In Spain, they have “quite advanced conversations” with First RFEF teams


The ownership of football, basketball and other sports clubs in Spain and the rest of the world “is about to change” and will allow fans to be their owners “for less than one hundred dollars” in the coming years, according to an initiative promoted by F2O Sports Corporation, a global company founded in the heart of Silicon Valley in California (United States).

As reported to Europa Press by F2O Sports sources, this company with American roots aims to change the professional sports ownership model and turn sports fans from anywhere in the world into the ‘owners’ of the sport through the ‘fan 2′ initiative. owner’.

“We want to invite fans to sign up for the ‘waiting list’ and, within a period of two months, give them all the information on how to be owners of an entity for a small outlay, less than $100,” he explained from Buenos Aires to Europa Press entrepreneur Andrés Fleischer, together with Stefano Angeli, co-founder of F2O Sports Corporation.

This disruptive proposal arises from the sports fields of Stanford University, where a group of founders proposed to “decentralize”, “digitize” and “globalize” club ownership, allowing any fan to become the owner of professional sports clubs. anywhere in the world.

“The archaic model of professional sports ownership has stagnated and fans are literally the ones paying the price. It is time for sports ownership to evolve with a global 3.0 approach,” said Wolfgang Muller, CEO and co-founder of F2O Sports.

Today, the vast fortunes of rich countries own, operate and profit from the sports teams they have purchased, while fans continue to pay for the unprecedented rise in the valuation of their clubs without actually participating in the growth.

“F2O Sports is committed to decentralizing old forms of sports management and warns the industry that fans are about to take back the game,” Muller stressed.


To this end, F2O Sports is launching its first venture to acquire a sports franchise with the aim of purchasing a football club in Europe in its first year. To this end, it will soon begin a crowdfunding round and is currently “in advanced conversations” with professional soccer clubs, including some “from the Primera RFEF” or the Hypermotion League in Spain.

Before the launch of the Regulation round, fans will be able to enter a waiting list that will send updates about F2O Sports and investors will have the opportunity to receive benefits at different levels, from merchandising to enjoying an experience such as sharing a chat with the fans. founders.

“We are interested in Spain because the purchase of clubs is very well structured,” said Andrés Fleischer, who explained that the purpose of this initiative is to “involve” the fan in a “digital experience” and for them to participate in decision-making. through forms or surveys.

This initiative is global in nature because it reaches clubs of all types of sports around the world and, for the moment, it will be made public in 9 countries, including Spain. “Football is the ‘king’ sport, but we want to reach other franchises like basketball or cricket. The fan will finally be able to be the owner of the club he loves,” Fleischer told Europa Press.