Carmen Borrego debuts this Tuesday with Ana Rosa’s producer but not with her

When Sálvame ended, a few months ago, Carmen Borrego was left without a job. Not a collaboration, not a call, nothing. She didn’t even travel with some of her colleagues to Miami to film the Netflix show. It was after the death of her mother that the phones rang and Carmen Borrego returned to the sets. Two weeks ago she started on Así es la vida, where she doesn’t stop talking about her mother and Gustavo, María Teresa’s driver, and in a few hours she will debut in the mornings of Telecinco.

Carmen Borrego will join the Unicorn Content family, the production company owned by Ana Rosa Quintana. But no, the youngest Campos will not sit next to the journalist, she will sit with Joaquín Prat, because as we have been told, Ana wants to avoid that professional relationship. “She already has her collaborators from TardeAR and now he doesn’t want to seat anyone else. At least at the heart table and at the current table it has big names: Alaska, Mario, Sardá, Vicky Martín Berrocal, Cifuentes. Carmen doesn’t suit her there but she knows that she can function and play in the mornings because she doesn’t keep quiet about anything about her life and she gets into all the puddles,” she tells us.

Also with Gustavo in Big Brother and his continuous allusions to his life with María Teresa Campos, Carmen will have a lot to say. Even she will know how to fatten that vein of confrontation with him. It must be remembered that as soon as it was known that the communicator’s driver was a contestant, the Campos sisters were furious. They commented that they only found out a few days about his arrival and that they did not share anything she was saying. He, however, said that he had entered with her approval and that he had even asked her to defend them on set.

Carmen needs to work because even though her mother, unfortunately, has just died and was one of the highest-paid journalists on television, the truth is that her inheritance and that of her sister Terelu is rather small. They assure us that they will barely be able to share the house that Teresa Campos had in Malaga and that it does not exceed 400,000 euros. In fact, in the last months of her life there was even doubt about having the cash to be able to cover her personal and service expenses.

Carmen was very aware of this and experienced it with anguish. Now that she has returned to work she can breathe easy. Unicorn is one of the producers with the most programs on Telecinco’s television schedule and working for it is a sure value. Plus now with the appearance of Bigote Arrocet on the scene, she will have a lot to say.