Experts from Iberdrola, Adecco, Ocean Race, COE and RFEF will talk about Sustainability at the CEU in Elche

On October 25 and November 8, the academic institution hosts the conference ‘Communication, sustainability, brand image and reputation’


Experts from Iberdrola, Adecco, The Ocean Race, the Spanish Olympic Committee (COE) and the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), among others, will participate in the ‘Communicate Sustainability’ conference, organized by the CEU Cardenal Herrera University in Elche and which will be held on October 25 and November 8.

Iberdrola’s Brand and Reputation Director, Luis Gómez; Nuria Bravo Diego, head of the CSR and Sustainability Department of the RFEF; and the lawyer in the Madrid Assembly, director of Environment and Sustainability of the Madrid 2012 and 2016 Olympic bids and president of WWF Spain, Antonio Lucio, will speak this Wednesday in the specialized conferences ‘Communication, sustainability, brand image and reputation ‘.

The event, aimed at CEU students and marketing and communication professionals, will have a second session on November 8 with the participation of the Director of Marketing, Human Resources and Head of Sustainability of the COE, Manuel Parga; the Director of Communication and Marketing of the Adecco Foundation, Pablo García Menchén; and the Ocean Policy Communications Manager at The Ocean Race, Beatriz Beeckmans.

“The objective of these conferences is based on the fact that the SDGs, sustainability criteria established by the United Nations, are permeating the behaviors and actions of institutions, organizations and companies. Beyond passing fads, this evolution of CSR is a reality that “exercises a positive influence not only on the brand image of these organizations, but also, in many cases, on their income statements. Knowing how to communicate actions, positioning and actions regarding sustainability is essential,” said the Vice Dean of Law. , Business and Marketing of the CEU UCH, Ana Isabel Mateos.

Although the axis of the argument is the communication of sustainability, the speakers will approach it from different perspectives. Thus, Luis Gómez will focus on the challenges, advantages and keys of concepts such as Sustainability, ESG, ESG+F and SDGs.

For her part, Nuria Bravo will address how Spanish football manages sustainability and what the challenges and opportunities are when organizing the 2030 World Cup together with Portugal and Morocco. The event on October 25 will be closed by Antonio Lucio, who will show, from a holistic perspective of sustainability, the legal aspects that companies and organizations must take into account on this matter.

For the session on November 8, Manuel Parga has proposed what sustainability is in the Olympic movement and how it has been developing from the international federations to the national Olympic committees. He will take the opportunity to present the COE’s sustainability strategy and how it has been implemented. Later, Beatriz Beeckmans will speak, analyzing the evolution of a sporting event into a global sustainability platform.

The day will close, sponsored by the Alicante Provincial Council, Pablo García Menchén, whose presentation will be about ‘Clear, adaptive and inclusive communication’, trying to make a balanced proposal that contributes to raising awareness in companies and from companies, linked, in addition , to the idea of ​​integrating sustainability into the body of organizations.