The wedding of Mafalda from Bulgaria in May 2022 it caused a family rupture that has not yet closed. Mafalda, daughter of Rosario Nadal y Cyril of Bulgariason of Simeonthe last monarch of the Balkan country, refused to invite his aunt to the ceremony in Mallorca Kalinathe only girl of the four children born from Simeon’s marriage to the Spanish Daisy Gomez Holly.

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The absence of Kalina and her husband, the adventurer Kitin Munozrevealed in scoop by Informalia, caused a great media and social uproar. The Bulgarian princess later publicly confirmed this rejection by her niece and her discomfort at this very visible rudeness. For her part, her brothers Kubrat y Konstantin were present with their respective families and Kyril he was the godfather of the bride, his daughter. For his part, Miriam Ungriawidow of Kardam, King Simeon’s eldest son, was also in Majorca with her children.

A year later, Kalina is still upset by the family’s rudeness. Since they left their residence in Morocco, the princess, her husband and her son, Simeon Hassan, have lived in Sofia with King Simeon, a resident of his country of origin after decades of exile in Spain. However, her daughter does not maintain contact with the rest of the family.

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This week, Kalina and Kitín are in Madrid on a private visit and are staying in a hotel on the outskirts of the capital, despite the fact that the Bulgarians’ house in the city is a large mansion where only Doña Margarita lives, already elderly.

According to family members, Kalina has not gone to visit her mother, unless she does so at the last moment before returning to Bulgaria on Saturday, nor has she seen her brothers who live in Madrid. Kyril works and lives in London. The family schism is a fact, but none of its members have yet explained what was the unilateral reason for the breakup.