Few believed the statements of Kiko Rivera a david broncanoin his passage through The resistance. The dj swore to the presenter that he leads a very healthy life, that he neither drinks alcohol, nor smokes, nor does he take drugs, and that he follows a diet that has made him lose a few kilos.

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But after leaving the set he went with some friends and the paparazzi caught him smoking and eating a hamburger. Goodbye to the diet and welcome to smoking.

Faced with criticism on social networks for his television lies, the son of Isabel Pantoja He uploaded a regretful message to Instagram: “Okay, I had a cigarette and a burger yesterday, but don’t stone me for it.”

If it’s a one-time event, fine, but if the situation repeats itself, it’s clear that Kiko blatantly lied to David. Perhaps she does not understand that after suffering the stroke he must follow one hundred percent of the recommendations of the doctors, and a very important one is to completely stop smoking. We know that his wife Irene Rosales, gave him a big fight when he found out that he has started smoking again. But Kiko goes on his own and, unfortunately, they tend to pay little heed to warnings.