A Jordi Gonzalez (Barcelona, ​​1961) they hired him to lead a very ambitious project in the public broadcaster: present Square, the magazine with which José Pablo López, RTVE Content Director, intended to compete face to face from La 1 contra Sonsoles Onega y Ana Rosa Quintana.

It was practically a suicide and, two weeks later, the public told Jordi González that they were removing him from the grid after failing miserably. During this month and a half, the Catalan has been making corridors (and earning a colossal salary) but it seems that it already has a new and surprising location.

As Informalia has learned, after Christmas Jordi will present Heart, the legendary social chronicle space, with Anne Igartiburu every weekend. In this way, the public reinforces this space that has been on the grid for more than twenty years and, incidentally, gives activity to Jordi, who arrived with a super contract, paid too well to be taking it without getting out of bed. The first tests have already started in Prado del Rey, because the recordings return to the Madrid headquarters of the channel. For a few months now, Heart It was recorded on weekends in Barcelona.

“There is not much chemistry between Jordi and Anne”

“There is not much chemistry between Jordi and Anne,” They tell us when we ask how Catalan and Basque get along. “But the bosses trust that little by little the professionalism and experience of both will prevail and the mechanism will be perfect,” they explain to Informalia from El Pirulí.

Anne broke down when she was told that after more than a quarter of a century (with some brief interruptions) she would no longer be the solo “goddess” who would put on the friendly face of the heart on weekends and that we would not see her only at her when Nancy Sinatra's tune comes on and her These Boots Are Made for Walkin, if they maintain it.

Anne Igartiburu At 54 years old, she is one of the few recognizable faces of TVE, which no longer counts among its stars Ana Obregón, despised and discarded for the bells and Telepasión after its most media and controversial year, a scourge of Pedro Sanchez and too much meaning with surrogacy and the exclusive business with her granddaughter-daughter.

But at 54 splendid years, Anne is not experiencing the best moments of her love story with TVE. The one from Elorrio (Vizcaya) decided to start new projects on other competing channels, such as Antena 3, and also for Telemadrid, something that did not sit well with the public. Hence, last year she was punished without dessert and she did not present the bells, after fifteen years doing so consecutively.

Was Ana Obregon, accompanied by Los Morancos, the one who did it. This one, however, once the biologist has been ruled out, the names of those chosen to accompany the end of the year from Puerta del Sol to the legions of Spaniards who remain faithful to TVE and do not even want to hear about it are up in the air. Cristina Pedroche, no matter how little clothing he wears. There was talk that it would be Isabel Pantoja who would say goodbye to the year on TVE since the network was negotiating with her, but, at the moment, nothing has been confirmed. On the contrary, there are those who claim that they never called her to give her such a job.

Jordi, for his part, had been linked to Mediaset for years, where he has presented formats of all kinds, but last year he was left without a program and without a network contract. That's why, after a few months, living outside of Spain, she decided to accept the offer from Spanish Television.

Few things are known about the changes that will be applied to this TVE classic that has been dealing with social chronicles for decades without the stridency of other private channel formats such as Socialite of Maria Patino (which ends its contract this month with La Fábrica de la Tele). It will continue with the same schedule on weekends, although we are told that “they may extend it a little.” They are also considering including some expert and seasoned collaborators in the world at heart. There are still a few months to get the perfect team because they plan to release it after Christmas.