Exclusive: Jordi González and Anne Igartiburu's new program has a name and we know when it starts

On December 3, we announced the bombshell in a rigorous scoop: Jordi González will present Corazón on TVE alongside Anne Igartiburu after the crash at La Plaza, read the headline of the scoop that angered the Basque presenter, owner and mistress until this year of that his very own phrase: “Hello hearts,” he said alone to present the pink information at noon on La 1, preceding the three in the afternoon newscast, lately on weekends.

Now we can expand our exclusive, confirm the arrival of Jordi Gonzalez (62) to the new social chronicle space together with Anne Igartiburu and give it a start date and name: the new program of the Barcelona native and that of Elorrio is called D Heart and will start on Saturday, January 20.

Everything is ready. The team prepared and everyone working to make the update of the new Heart format, more than restyling which has been on the air for decades. The first thing that has changed, in addition to including Jordi González as Anne Igartiburu's partner, is the name. Starting in January, what was one of the oldest spaces on Spanish Television will be called D Heart and its premiere is scheduled for the last week of January, specifically on Saturday the 20th, as Informalia has learned.

Jordi is happy with this new journey in the public chain but the one who is not so clear is Anne. From what this portal has been able to learn, she was not particularly happy with the incorporation of Catalan into a space that she considers hers. But, after the setback of seeing herself again without the bells ringing, she has little strength left to fight. In fact, it has been of no use to her to try, one more year. Let us remember that it will be Ramón García, Ana Mena and Jennifer Hermoso who will give the Chimes on TVE.

There is no shortage of people who wonder about the efforts of RTVE's general director of content, José Pablo López, in relocating however Jordi Gonzalez after the enormous failure of the Catalan audience, whose afternoon show, called Square, It barely lasted on screen due to the scandalously low audience data. The controversy over his salary did not go unnoticed either, I consider it astronomical, taking into account the failure achieved and that not everyone understands that public money is allocated to talk about gossip on television. TVE paid Jordi González a salary of 1,600 euros for each television program. Square, one hour long. That is, the presenter earned 8,000 euros per week, between 32,000 and 40,000 euros per month.

Anne Igartiburu's enormous anger: They are lentils

As we have already advanced Informalia, The 54-year-old from Biscay has not tired of knocking on all of her bosses' doors, but now nothing is like before. In the Public Service they no longer consider it essential for the chain. Neither her opinion nor her complaints are taken into account as before: they tell her what there is and add: “They are lentils,” she has been told. At 54 splendid years of age, Anne has had no choice but to accept the imposition of giving up her empire. heart-throb and share it with Jordi. If you want to continue on Spanish Television you have to abide by what they propose.

Nor did he take the task they did to him months ago at all well: when they decided that Heart It had to be recorded in Barcelona, ​​which forced Igartiburu and part of the team to travel there every weekend and be away from home. Still, the presenter cannot complain. Just a few weeks ago it was made public that they had given him a wonderful candy: a new edition of Look who is dancing!, which returns to Spanish Television also in January and in prime time.

Anne is already immersed in her preparations and much more excited about this project than about her beloved Heart, a space that, despite having been on the screen for so many years, she never fell in love with due to her aversion to information about celebrity gossip. Anne had to go to therapy to be able to face speaking from the heart when she didn't want to get “stuck.” From there arose her new profession as coach, which is bringing him many successes. Their YouTube channel is a hit and on Instagram they have more than 351,000 followers.

The relationship between Anne and Jordi, As we already mentioned, it is not idyllic, but neither of them has any choice but to get together. The program starts in January and the people on the team are confident that these tensions and the lack of chemistry will be resolved. In addition, it will have a large group of collaborators that will make it have more rhythm and are not just videos. What has yet to be determined is the duration; they believe it could start earlier and last a little more than an hour. In a few weeks we will check it.