“Everything was prepared”

Sarri, colonel of the Guardia di Finanza, the Italian police force investigating the alleged fraud committed in the Italian test to which he was subjected Luis
Suarez last week in Perugia, he revealed in various interviews granted in his country that the discovery of the anomalies was absolutely casual.

“There was no external pressure” to initiate the investigation, Sarri assured. “The research was born by chance, like most in these cases. We start in February
2020 to investigate the University for Foreigners of Perugia for activities
little bit
clear, at the request of the Public Ministry of Perugia. And thanks to the technical means used in that investigation we intercept
conversations related to the exam, its preparation and Juve's request ”.

The University of Perugia had been under investigation since February for unclear administrative activities

From there, events rushed forward: “The Juventus she was willing to register the player and the University was willing to take the exam. In fact, the college gave the maxims
facilities, perhaps thinking about future collaborations with the club. They launched a course
line, but they immediately realized that Suarez barely understood Italian and didn't speak it at all. That's when they made him learn the answers by heart, so that during the exam he could say something and not make a mistake. Formally he achieved the title with an intermediate level of knowledge, but we found that everything was prepared“.

They prepared an online course for Suárez. But they saw that he barely understood Italian and did not speak it at all. So they made him learn the answers by heart

“They had already established in advance the grade that would be awarded, the B1 level, the one necessary to obtain Italian citizenship,” Sarri continued. “The certificate, the report … everything was prepared. Suárez came to Perugia because he had to take the exam in person. What if, was able to say those four things that he had learned by heart and this allowed him to obtain the certification to obtain the citizenship ”.

His departure was organized so that he did not coincide with the journalists and they asked him questions that he did not understand. Despite this, neither Suárez nor Juve are being investigated

He problem was that on leaving Suárez he was surrounded by journalists and had to answer questions you didn't understand: “For this reason the senior management of the University took care to remove it by Access
secondary”, Assured Sarri.

Despite everything, Sarri also made it clear that the Uruguayan is not being investigated, since “he benefited from illicit conduct committed by public officials.” Neither does Juventus, although he left the door open to “find something else in the course of the investigation.”