Ayala: “For Atlético de Simeone to be the best in history, the style should change”

From Argentine to Argentine. From legend to legend of Atlético de Madrid. Ruben the ‘Mouse’ Ayala, is one of the most important names in the history of the mattress team. From a distance and with the wisdom that comes from having lived Athletic In the first person, the historic former player has reviewed his career.

Did it in Super Deportivo Radio by Radio Villa Trinidad and LT10, space directed by the Argentine journalist Emiliano Nunia. Whoever was an international player still has goosebumps when remembering the tribute that he paid Atlético de Madrid.

Asked if the football of his country owes him any recognition, he said: “I don't owe anything to football and football doesn't owe anything to me either. I do not think that the Argentine soccer fan recognizes me, I do not believe in that, perhaps one or the other, but the true tribute was made to me in the Atlético de Madrid, when they gave me a plaque at the game with him Liverpool. One thing is clear to me: they remember me better in Madrid what in Argentina”, He recalled.

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In this sense, he does not tear his clothes: “The truth is that I do not feel sorry for that, because I left the country very young when I was 22 years old. The fact of having played a World Cup sometimes makes me think, because I think I played for the Argentine National Team and the truth is that it is hard for me to believe that I played for the Argentine National Team. There are times when I wonder, did I play for the national team and did I play in a World Cup? I find it hard to believe that I have played, it must be because that World Cup did not leave me a great memory, “he said.

Ayala explained that at the time, when he had to choose to go to Europe, He opted for Atlético de Madrid because he was a red and white fan since he was little. “It was an immense joy to play in Atlético de Madrid. The most important title that the Athletic
from Madrid, in its history, was the Intercontinental Cup that we beat Independent and it was my turn to score the second goal in Madrid that was worth the title, ”recalled the’ Mouse ’.

He also spoke of the present, of Simeone and the importance it has in the history of the club. “He is a very important man in the history of the club, he won titles. He is the coach who directed the most games, surpassed Aragonese. It seems to me that he is the most important coach in history, but perhaps the most important was Luis Aragones by the way and way of playing. I have no doubts that Simeone, is the foreigner, more important than the history of the Atlético de Madrid“, he pointed.


In what does not match Simeone right now it's with Atlético's style of play. “I would like the way and the way of playing to change. Now that he has so many players who play and play, they come and go, he would have to see a way to change that way of defending and counterattacking, but it will be difficult for them to change the way, because playing like that he did well. So that it remains definitively in history, I would like you to propose a little more and not that the players are always behind, behind and behind. That he tries to play and reach the opposite goal, but they are difficult things to change ”, argued the Ayala Mouse.

Finally, he referred to his relationship with Johan Cruyff and beyond not having been companions something united them. “He wore the booties CougarThen I would ask him for the shoes and he would send them to me. Confront Johan cruyff It was like Messi. He was very calm, but when it came to biting, the boy was very fast. He had a very calm way of playing, but when he scored first you had to put up with it. Messi It has little things that it had Cruyff. There are little things that I see in Messi that make me remember Cruyff: stopping, pulling a tunnel, getting out quickly … ”he closed.