Jorge Perez y Alice Pena They have moved away (or so it seems) from the spotlight after the unleashed storm and this weekend they have escaped from the media noise in Palencia, with their four children. However, they have not managed to appease the most notorious extra-manonial mess in recent weeks.

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So things, in it’s already noon They have continued to think about the matter this Monday, with the very Alba Carrillo y Marta Lopez sitting at the same table. The first, tired of defending herself over and over again from the macho criticism she has received, has pointed out: “I am not going to tell anything else. I just don’t want to go in anymore because if I don’t, the skein is going to get messed up, God level”.

Despite everything she says she has up her sleeve, at this time she prefers to remain cautious: “There are things left, Jorge can still look worse. I don’t want to tell it because Jorge can’t look worse and I don’t want to contribute to the lynching.”

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Everything blew up last Friday, November 25, when the model and the former winner of survivors They got involved at Unicorn’s party, the producer of Ana Rosa Quintana.

Jorge is married to the writer and motivational coach Alicia Peña, who for the moment has forgiven him for his betrayal. They have four children together. However, the former civil guard did not think of her (or of them) when he got involved with the ex of Fonsi Nieto and Feliciano López. Alba, for her part, is single and has no affective responsibility with anyone. After the party, Pérez and Carrillo continued the march at Marta’s house and later, as confirmed by Alba herself, at her house. There are those who comment that it would all be a strategy, designed by the couple, to get an economic slice.