The Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) has set up this Monday “the largest guarantee fund in history” for First Federation players, with up to two million euros per year until the 2024-25 season, according to a statement issued by the federative entity.

“The RFEF has constituted this Monday the largest guarantee fund in history for players of the First Federation, excellent news for the safety of footballers who play in the third category of national football,” the Federation announced.

With this measure, the RFEF intends to give “cover” to soccer players after having approved the aid to the clubs, “who are already requesting and receiving it”, with the “greatest amounts” for a third category of soccer in Europe. “No federation in the world allocates as much money as the RFEF to entities in a similar division. The vast majority of federations do not allocate a single euro to clubs in this category,” the RFEF said in its statement.

“The Federation offered the union AFE to contribute a percentage to the fund, an issue that was unfortunately declined. During the last five weeks, AFE refused to participate with the contribution of 20% of the fund,” the note added.

A little over a month ago, AFE reported that the captains of all the First Federation teams demanded a solution to this issue from the RFEF “as soon as possible.” In a statement, the association chaired by David Aganzo and the footballers in that category recalled that this guarantee fund is “essential for improving the working conditions of footballers”.

Now, the RFEF insisted that “it has not left the players without salary coverage despite the fact that AFE has not wanted to participate in the constitution of this fund.” “The federal entity has left these negotiations behind and, proactively, has decided to create the most important fund in history,” the RFEF highlighted.

The fund constituted by the federative entity chaired by Rubiales will last three years, until the 2024-25 season, and a contribution of up to two million euros per year, which makes a total sum of six million euros.