Everything about the Cantabrian surfer who has stolen Miguel Bernardeau’s heart after breaking up with Aitana

Love has also knocked on the door of the heart of Miguel Bernardeau six months after breaking up the father. And it is that while the singer is already walking through Madrid hand in hand with Sebastian Yatrathe actor can be seen very lovey-dovey with a young blonde enjoying the nightlife of the capital.

“I received some photographs with a girl he was with a few days ago, specifically on April 15, they went out together with some friends at night in Madrid,” he revealed. Adriana Dorronsoro in Ana Rosa’s program.

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“She grabs his arm, leans on his shoulder, they hold hands… they were very affectionate, the people who were there and spent the whole night told me: ‘It’s just that they were like this all night, he was very happy, very close together,'” the journalist explained.

The name of the lucky one is “Violet Sancheza professional surfer who is 22 years old.” “They have coincided on several trips to Portugal, they have been together several times because she is a surfer, he also surfs a lot, and they uploaded photos of each other putting ‘a magical trip,’ he added .

This is Violeta Sanchez

The 22-year-old was born in Santander, Cantabria. At the age of five she got on a surfboard and since then she has dedicated herself to it body and soul. As collected Sporthas various titles: Spanish U14 champion, 4 times U16 champion, 6 times regional champion and was part of the Spanish Open surfing team for the European Championship in Santa Cruz 2019.

On Instagram, where she has nearly 100,000 followers, she frequently boasts of her passion for waves, traveling with friends and family, even her most ‘kitchen’ moments. In his latest publications, he has “sneaked” the odd photo with the son of Ana Duato.