Carlos Sainz: “Red Bull has hit the key and the rest of us have to wake up”

“I feel a bit angry for not being able to add more sauce to the races”

The driver’s karting hosted the presentation in Madrid of the improved Spanish F1 GP


The Spanish Formula 1 driver Carlos Sainz (Ferrari) acknowledged that Red Bull is being the “clear dominator” of the World Cup and that in Maranello, engineers and drivers work one hundred percent to reduce the “deficit” with the team that continues to lead the championship with solvency and that he has hit “the key” in this start of the championship.

“Red Bull is clearly dominant and makes things very difficult for all of us and we are trying to diagnose the main problem, how to drive the car and how to set it up to reduce this deficit that we all have. My head is focused on where that medicine is, we are trying to do everything possible”, he assured at the presentation of the Spanish F1 GP in Madrid, in his karting.

In this sense, he summarized that Red Bull “hit the key.” “Look, in recent years they have tried to make more restrictive rules. We have budget ceilings, we have a very defined relationship. And some engineers find something that others don’t and then the rest copy. Lately Red Bull has hit the key and Now it’s up to the rest of us to wake up, so to speak,” he acknowledged.

On a personal level, he feels some “rage” at not being able to stand up to Red Bull. “I feel privileged to be experiencing the sweetest moment in F1 so far and see how it grows worldwide. I enjoy it but I am also a little angry that F1 is in such a sweet moment, there is such a dominating team. and that we are not all capable of adding a little more sauce to the races”, he was honest.

The Spaniard commented that at Ferrari “many things” still need to be understood. “Every weekend we cross out one thing, we see if something works and we try to apply it to the next. The entire factory is applied, one hundred percent is being given in Maranello, with the factory focused on trying to correct it as soon as possible,” he said. he.

“And we, the drivers, well, we are having exhaustive simulator sessions, meetings with engineers, trying to put 100% of us all to correct it for all those ‘tiffosi’ and Spanish fans who want me to be a little higher with Ferrari and get to that point. Spanish Grand Prix in a better position”, he added.

“The main challenge is going to be to keep improving and finding the reason why sometimes in the race we don’t go quite well. We will go to Imola and Monaco, the home GP for the team and the home GP for Charles, and then the of Spain where it is possible that some improvement is brought to take a step forward. I would like it to be the best Grand Prix, in front of the fans”, he appealed.

And it is that Sainz recognized that the Spanish Grand Prix “is always stored” in his head, and that he wants to be at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. “I come from Miami, first we have Imola and Monaco, but Barcelona is always on my mind. It’s such a special GP that it’s the one you think about the most,” he explained.

In Montmeló he will be accompanied by the Grada Carlos Sainz, who sold all the seats in 8 minutes “There is no better test than those 8 minutes to demonstrate the desire there is for the Spanish GP and the desire to come and see us. It is such a special and different feeling “Knowing that there are more than 100,000 people supporting you, it is so out of the ordinary that it is difficult to describe it. These are races that I am going to keep in my memory,” he assured.

Regarding his career, with almost ten years in F1, he assured that he finds it “incredible” that so much time has passed. “They have been good years for me and there has been progression and improvement in every way. Going to the third Spanish Grand Prix with Ferrari is something very special. I have tried to become a better driver, athlete and person and I am more prepared than ever to compete at home,” he said.

For his part, the director of the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, Josep Lluís Santamaría, presented this 33rd edition of the Spanish F1 GP in Madrid. “There will be 33 Grand Prix in a row, Carlos was not even born. I am proud to lead this circuit and be with the Spanish GP. We have all evolved, F1 and us, together and hand in hand. What was a race has been transformed in a show, without forgetting the sporting part,” he said.

“There are a few last tickets with reduced visibility left, which are the last to go out. We really want to receive all the fans in a GP with news, such as the change of the ‘layout’ of the circuit, using the original layout without the ‘chicane’ , increasing the protection barrier. And this week we are implementing, at the entrance of the straight line in the new descent, a protection fence for the public”, he explained.