Even the best team in the world can afford it

Almost a week has passed since the historic feat in Anfield and many Englishmen continue to wonder how the champion of Europe, the team that takes 25 points from the second in the Premier League, was eliminated losing both games against Atlético de Madrid. I think the explanation is simple. I already warned in these lines a week ago when I remembered the disrespect of Rummenigge in his day and the statements of Van dijk. It is normal that they felt favorites, but from there to the English press saying that it was going to be an easy tie, that they were going to beat us … that hurts the Atletico pride.

And when the Atletico pride is wounded, even the best team in the world can pay dearly. I'm sure when our cracks got tired in the game, they remembered those press headlines to run even harder and drop everything to become our heroes on the field. Because the other heroes were the 3,000 mattress warriors who were in the stands and who eclipsed the local fans during many moments of the meeting. I am very sure that without them in the stands the feat would have been impossible.