The Osasuna players continue their preparation at the Tajonar facilities. The work is increasing in intensity and today's session has been of great physical demand for athletes continue to acquire the right rhythm for the return of the competition.

As in the rest of the days since returning to work at the Rojas facilities, the training has followed the parameters defined by the Superior Council of Sports and LaLiga in its protocol, with each player completing a circuit through different scenarios in order to do so. not coexist with other colleagues in the same space. The session took place between 9:00 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. approximately.

Osasuna Shield / Flag

After performing an activation and prevention work, the players have gone to “field 2” of natural grass to carry out direction change exercises and other ball technique exercises. Subsequently, in the other half of the playing field, they have carried out specific work based on their demarcation. And finally, the footballers have done resistance work in “field 1” under the instructions of the physical trainer, Sergi Pérez. For his part, Richard Sanzol has continued preparing the four goalkeepers, in a staggered way, in the “goalkeeper field”.