Eugenia Martínez de Irujo, in the eye of the hurricane: “She has never been able to see Genoveva Casanova”

Before the photographs of Genoveva Casanova with the Prince Frederick in Madrid, the center of attention in the Alba house was on the relationship between Cayetano Martínez de Irujo and his sister Eugenia. In an exchange of statements, they showed the tension between the two due to a problem related to one of their companies.

As we said, now the focus is on Genoveva, who denied having a romantic relationship with Mary Donaldson’s husband. Cayetano himself came out in his defense this Monday, during the mass organized in Seville in memory of his mother: “The savage lynching that is being carried out in an absolutely unjust manner is sad and regrettable (…) I am very concerned because his “His health is delicate and he is suffering a lot. I am sorry that he could not be here,” lamented the Count of Salvatierra.

Since they separated in 2007, Genoveva has maintained a splendid relationship with the rider. So much so that the son of the Duchess of Alba opened the doors of her palace in San Sebastián after Hurricane Federico. For him, the mother of his twins Luis and Amina is a person of utmost importance. The Mexican also won the affection of Doña Cayetana, to the point that she was said to be her favorite daughter-in-law.

However, Genevieve’s beginnings in the Liria palace were not entirely easy. According to Luis Pliego, Eugenia did not accept her at all well in her family’s life: “Eugenia has never been able to see Genoveva. Afterwards, everyone loved her very much. Marriage did not convince the family and Eugenia never opened the doors to her.” , has assured the director of Readings on Antena 3. So much so that the journalist has missed a response from her at this time: “They put a microphone on her and she said that she has nothing to say. She could have put a cape on her.”