Esther Doña kisses on the lips with a friend: what we know about the new illusion of the widowed Marchioness

Esther Dona broke off his relationship with Santiago Pedraz last summer after a media epic with false exclusive included and a year after Informalia discovered them on their first crazy night. The news of their engagement was announced by the widow of Carlos Falco on the cover of Hola when he had already abandoned her.

The magistrate of the National audience, 64, has rebuilt his life and is going to be a father again. But until now it has not come to light that Esther has found a sentimental replacement for the judge. However, things could have changed, because we have seen her very affectionate with a friend and, according to a person close to Málaga, it is not a matter of a day. The model is open to love and is often in and out with good friends that she hangs out with.

Just a few weeks ago we witnessed some very revealing scenes: we saw Esther Doña accompanied at the concert that Sergio Dalma It happened at the Wizink Center in Madrid and there was a kiss with a tall gentleman, with a strong constitution and bald head. Now they have told us that this was not the only time they were together.

At the recital they were very affectionate and attentive to each other. He pampered her, he was aware of her, that he was well, they talked a lot among themselves, they looked at each other in a special way and at one point, as we say, they kissed her lips.

With this handsome gentleman, whose physique and appearance have nothing to do with his previous boyfriends, Esther has also been seen walking around Madrid. “She is in a new stage, in which she is having fun. She wants to work and have a good time”, they assure us from the Andalusian environment. “Right now I am focused on my professional issues and that is what is fulfilling me, my professional issues, my friends, my family,” she said.

Esther Doña fell in love with Carlos Falco by chance. The marquis and she met in Malaga, in September 2015, at a presentation with the distributor of their wines in the area. At dinner he passed a card with his mobile to Esther Doña and another blank one for her to write down hers.

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There began a romance that ended in a wedding and that gave a lot to talk about due to the difference in age. They were 41 years apart. He passed away from Covid during the pandemic. Esther was devastated but soon after she fell in love again with an acquaintance of the Marquis, Judge Santiago Pedraz, as we discovered and told in scoop from Informalia on July 30, 2021.

Esther has even said that Carlos Falcó introduced him to her some time ago at a party. During the year that her relationship with the judge lasted, there was everything: even a request for a hand and a wedding announcement, which she ended up frustrated. The judge broke up with Esther abruptly and through a message.

He fell in love with the lawyer Elena Hormigos last December, just three months after breaking up with Doña. A few weeks ago it became known that they are going to be parents. A surprise that the widow of the Marquis de Griñón has branded as “irresponsible”. “He already has three children that he doesn’t see much and they’ve only been together for a few months,” she blurted out to him. Sonsoles Onega, in the program where he occupies a chair to talk about social chronicle.