Espanyol lose the great derby in exchange for other very genuine

Surely Espanyol moves away of the great universal spotlight and the almost 120-year-old rivalry it provides the great derby against Barcelona, interrupted at least next season after 26 uninterrupted courses (and 85 in total in First) after the decline of the parakeet club. But in second is in a position to find between one and three more derbies, maybe not so media but probably more genuine. And some, especially neighborhood.

Spanish Shield / Flag

Until four may end up being the Catalan teams the 2020-21 season in Second A. At Espanyol, the only one insured today, it is worth adding the uncertainty about the Girona, which is classified for a promotion promotion that currently has no dispute date due to the positive of COVID-19 in the Fuenlabrada. And what ensures between one and two more representatives are the qualifiers to go up from Second B: Sabadell, Barcelona B (facing each other for a square) and Cornellà (to be measured with Castellón) they compete to see the next campaign with Espanyol.

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The experienced Stuani, seven days ago, after scoring his first goal at Girona-Cádiz.

He probable derby that right now more draws attention it is undoubtedly the one that the parakeets would dispute against the Cornellà, as the RCDE Stadium and the Nou Municipal are separated by only 20 meters. That is, a few seconds on foot. In fact, when it comes to the case, it would be necessary to see if the Unió Esportiva can play in its field –Modern, but flirty, with a capacity for 1,500 spectators– or you should seek shelter as you did in the season 2014-15, when Espanyol himself lent him his facilities so that the maximum of green fans could attend the tie of the Copa del Rey against Real Madrid.

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Cornellà, celebrating this Thursday their access to the final for promotion.

Not too many kilometers away is the Barcelona B. Presumably for many parrot followers it would mean a kind of humiliation having to face the filial of his historical adversary, but the most pragmatic have already warned that the contest of the Catalans in Second A would actually represent an advantage, as not being able to advance to First in practice would be like having one less rival at LaLiga Smartbank.

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Barcelona B celebrates Rey Manaj's goal in the tie against Badajoz.

Against Barça B in the final for promotion will face a Sabadell what share much more history than previous clubs with Espanyol, since in up to 30 occasions the faces have been seen not only in Second A but also in First Division, from the distant 1943-44 season, in the postwar period. Even have shared legends blue and white scapulated, as Rafa Marañón and Tommy N’Kono.

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The clash between Sabadell and Cultural Leonesa was epic.

And the last question is opened by Girona, which is much cooler in the memory of Espanyol fans, because both agreed in First just a season ago, with clashes of an unusual rivalry for teams that, curiously, had never before been seen in any league championship, so in Second it would be the first time they would meet. From two to four will be the Catalan clubs that will compete in the silver category.