COVID-19 outbreak forces Czech league to end with six games to go

The Football League Association (ALF) of the Czech Republic announced this Friday that the tournament ends in the absence of six games due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 in one of the championship teams, whose champion is the Sparta Prague.

“After the forced quarantine of the Opava it is not possible to end the season on the dates agreed by the clubs (that is, on August 2), “explained the ALF it's a statement

He thus alluded to the case of Silesia FC Opava, where one of his players tested positive the day after after a test of SARS-CoV-2 and the health authorities decreed a two-week quarantine for the entire club.

In this situation, the management of the Opava he chose to delay beyond August 2 the six games that had to be played in the relegation group to try to maintain the category.

But this will not be necessary, since the club will continue in the First Division; even, the 16 teams of maximum local tournament will be joined by two others, to complete a squad of 18 squads in the next season.

Without prejudice to these atypical circumstances, the managers of the Czech football have provided that the title of league champion corresponds to Slavia Prague, and the five teams with a pass to the qualification phase of the European tournaments are Slavia, Victoria Pilsen, Sparta Prague, Jablonec and Liberec, according to its position in the table.