José Ortega Cano can no longer take any more trouble. He must shake before turning on the television. New information has come to light that shakes the flimsy foundations of his marriage to Ana María Aldón. And it is that they assure that the former greengrocer has an “illusion”. Bombazo.

“He is a businessman. They have been seeing each other for more than two years. He bought an apartment on the beach where Aldón and Ortega Cano spend the summer. They are neighbors,” a witness very close to the family of this businessman assured in Save me.

In addition, this person has commented that there could be graphic material (some other photo) that proves this illusion. In the program they have commented that he is married and that, in addition, he and his wife are friends of Ana María and Ortega Cano himself.

A very surprising piece of information that comes at the most delicate moment for marriage. The last few months have been especially complicated, since they reached a point where they didn’t even speak to each other when they passed each other at home.

They have spent the summer between Costa Ballena (Cádiz) and Madrid, and now at least they ask for salt. Or that is what the designer said in one of her last television appearances. She was tired of him not sticking up for her. In addition, she complained that she did not put Gloria Camila in her place. In the middle of all the conflict is little José María. No one wants the child to suffer from the problems of the elders.