Emotional farewell of Lara and Morillas with Ibiza

The match between UD Disaster and the Real Valladolid It was the farewell, before the Ibizan fans, of the sky-blue players who will not continue with the island club next season. for now, the entity chaired by Amadeo Salvo has only announced the official casualties of Javi Lara and David Morillaswho received the affection of the Pitiuso public on a very emotional day.

Photo by Javi Lara

Photo of Morels

“From the moment they communicate the decision, they have been hard days, containing emotions. I think that until now I have had a very long career and I have never felt what I have felt here,” he said. Lara after the match. That emotion was already shown when, with tears in his eyes, he was substituted during the match and the fans standing up applauded him. “We arrived when this was a shack and now you leave a villa here, which are so famous in Ibiza. It is difficult to explain. I have a lot of feeling. The people here who love me like nowhere. It’s been difficult, but that’s what I take with me. You don’t pay with money,” declared the montoro.

Besides, morels He stated the following, in statements collected by the Ibizan club’s television. “You are never prepared to leave a place when you have been treated with so much love, respect and admiration.. I have felt here at home and it has been a pleasure to be able to say goodbye to people. We came three years ago and now everything has changed a lot. We have professional football and a big fanbase, with a lot of people hooked on the island,” declared a morels who expects people to stay with his “person”. “I will always carry the island in my heart,” he said, visibly moved, on the verge of tears.

Shield/Flag UD Ibiza-Eivissa

On the other hand, before the start of the clash, the leading role was taken by Sergio Cirio, legend of UD Ibiza. The ex-footballer has been the one who has worn the shirt of the Ibizan block the most times since the club was revived in 2015 by Amedo Salvo. This Saturday he received the gold and diamond badge, the entity’s highest distinction.