It was minute 42 when Pierre Cornud hit, in the dispute for a ball, the yellow 10 who fell to the grass. He had a hard time overcoming the attacker but he continued to play, not without making obvious gestures of pain in his shoulder when he stood up. He was still in the game but could barely continue for another 20 minutes after the break.

Photo of Jesse

Those gestures, as has been reported National Radio of Spain in the Canary Islands and La Provinciawere the first sign of an injury, a sprained collarbone due to the fall in that set.

Because of the blow García Pimienta could lose Jesé for his match against Sporting who is expected to be there for a possible promotion. The striker joins Hernani and Loiodicethe latter also out due to another shoulder injury.

Shield/Flag Las Palmas

Las Palmas plays the definitive pass to the promotion next Sunday at El Molinón. To play it, the yellows need to score at the Sporting who achieved their mathematical permanence yesterday Saturday before the Fuenlabrada.

It should be remembered that the Jesé Rodríguez was at risk of missing a hypothetical first promotion match in case of seeing a warning in that last league game as he was one yellow card away from completing his cycle.