Emma Hayes: “We are at half time against the best team in the world”


Chelsea FC Women’s coach, Emma Hayes, acknowledged that they could have beaten Barça by more advantage than the 0-1 that occurred in the first leg of the Women’s Champions League semi-finals in Montjuïc, although she believes that they are halfway on the way to the final and that they should not rely at all on the return duel at Stamford Bridge, which asked to be full.

“We are here to compete for the ‘Champions’ and we are halfway through the game against the best team in the world, who probably did not have their best day. Of course, we have interrupted their game somewhat but that does not count for anything,” he commented at the conference. press after his team’s victory.

Barça could have tied in the last play but their team had two opportunities to go 0-2. “To be honest, I’m disappointed that we didn’t get the second goal. It was a difficult moment for Barça at 0-1 and we could have taken advantage of it. Anyway, the team carried out the game plan that I asked of them. So that, from that perspective, I am happy,” he said.

“I know why no team has beaten Barça at home in five years, because Barça is an extraordinary team,” he commented regarding Barça having suffered its first defeat at home since 2019. “You must have a lot of discipline to maintain your positions, and I think my team did it for the most part. Of course, you need a bit of luck. Barça didn’t have their best game and we expect more from them for the return leg,” he added.

The English coach, who will take the reins of the United States women’s team next season, did not want to talk about tactics. “We know that FC Barcelona is the best team in Europe and we know that everything must be perfect for us to come close to winning again. Today we took advantage of our opportunity,” she highlighted.