Each victory seems the last for Imanol

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Sheriff He gave a little more luster in Seville to his spectacular service record as a Real coach. The day the Oriotarra left behind the 82 games he led Philippe
Montanier and equaled the 83 of Martin
Lasarte, his team won again. A routine of victories that since the Gipuzkoan coach Real has acquired a naturalness but which has not been usual in the club's history at all.

Imanol added in the Benedict
Villamarin his thirty-ninth victory as coach of the first team in 83 games, almost half (46%). Although League lower the percentage a little, 32 wins in 74 games (43%) the figure is spectacular. But, above the numbers, there is the enormous passion with which Sheriff enjoy each one of them. For the Real coach there is no better victory than another and this is attested by the way in which he celebrated the third goal against Betis, the one that finally closed the match.

Although with the 0-2 the game seemed sentenced, in the own images that the club txuri
urdin published yesterday on his website, you can see the Real coach absolutely outrageous when he scores Januzaj. The coach follows the play with total concentration and when the Belgian scores he raises his fists to the sky, with force, shouting the goal as if it were the first. He then merges into one of his emblematic hugs with Mikel
Labaka to still celebrate again with his classic “God!”