Does Nyom respond to his critics by calling them whiners?

One of the proper names of this weekend has been none other than Allan Romeo Nyom. The Cameroonian footballer of Getafe has been the center of controversy after the triumph of Getafe over Barcelona 1-0 in a game where there were more than words.

His fights with more than half a Barça team are already more than known. Among them, his clash with Leo Messi, recriminating Ansu Fati if he fakes an entry at 18 years old, the set with Gerard Piqué in a lateral foul in which the Catalan central defender asks him not to scream in his ear, or even Ronald himself Koeman, who at the end of the meeting accused the azulón of having insulted and disrespected him.

This Monday, two days after the hangover, Nyom posted a peculiar story on his official Instagram. In it, you can see a photo of him during a Europa League match last year. But the most striking thing is the lyrics of the chosen song: in it a constant “cry, cry” is heard in a loop. So, There are already several speculations that are being made about whether the Cameroonian footballer himself is responding to all the criticism he has received in the last 48 hours.

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On the other hand, there are others that point to the hypothesis that it could be a message of solidarity to the Nigerian people, which lives moments of maximum tension. Its author is WizKid and the name of the song is 'Joro', which was published precisely on the same day of commemoration of the independence of Nigeria. There have been several claims this weekend by several footballers towards the African country.