Doncic: “I was very angry for not having played more”


The Slovenian guard Luka Doncic, star of the Dallas Mavericks, admitted this Tuesday that he felt “very angry for not having played more” during the friendly match that his team lost in the capital of Spain by 127-123 against Real Madrid, suffering from some physical discomfort that limited their participation.

“Seeing my teammates from before has been special, I have a special relationship with them. I wish I could have played more. I was very angry for not having played more,” Doncic acknowledged from the WiZink Center press room, having played just five minutes. before the club in which he was formed.

“I don’t know if I can choose just one thing, it has been all the moments: the video, the introduction, when they gave me the Euroleague trophy, talking with my teammates, etc., I think it has been very very special. I would have liked play a lot more, but yesterday I had a small problem. Bad luck, no one wanted to play this game more than me, for sure,” he insisted about his discomfort.

Despite everything, the Slovenian was happy about his future plans to face the merengue team again with the Dallas franchise. “They have promised me that we will return here in two or three years,” he revealed in front of journalists after a defeat that was not part of the Texan plans.

“I think we have to improve many things. I know it’s preseason, but we’ve lost three games in a row. We have to improve a lot and we’ll see, it’s a very long season,” lamented Doncic, after conceding a 127-123 that was forged with a spectacular comeback from the locals in the last moments.

“I was a little happy, but not much,” he joked about it. “Comebacks are something special about Madrid, you can never consider Madrid for dead and they have shown it today,” he argued after Chus Mateo’s pupils shone in the final stretch thanks to the success of Facundo Campazzo and Vincent Poirier.

Regardless of the defeat, Doncic exhibited ambition. “The goal is always to win the NBA, that has to be the goal. We will have to work hard, the season is very long and we’ll see,” he repeated, prioritizing a title with his team rather than ever being named league MVP.

“Last year we were very good, but we suffered in defense and rebounding. That’s what we have to improve on,” explained Doncic, who concluded his press conference by predicting a good course for the meringues both domestically and in Europe. “In the Euroleague they are doing very well, the signing of Facu has been great for them,” he added.

Finally, he assessed his physical discomfort. “It was the hip yesterday, during training,” she said, without mentioning the pain in the calf of her left leg. “Nothing serious, but I have spoken to those in charge and they didn’t want it to get worse. You already know me, I wanted to play the entire game, but…”, he finally complained, leaving his sentence hanging in the air.