Don Juan Carlos returns to Spain only two weeks after his last visit: this is his arrival in Vigo

Two weeks after his last visit to our country, the ninth since he settled in the United Arab Emirates in August 2020, King Juan Carlos is back in Spain. On April 6, the Emeritus attended in Madrid the wedding of Teresa Urquijo y Moreno – now ‘sister-in-law’ of Irene Urdangarin – with José Luis Martínez-Almeida accompanied by Queen Sofía, her daughters the Infantas Elena and Cristina, and her grandchildren Froilán, Victoria Federica and Juan Urdangarin.

On Monday the 8th, the monarch met again with Kings Felipe and Letizia, giving an image of normality and family unityat the funeral his nephew Fernando Gómez-Acebo – who died on March 1 – and after the mass Don Juan Carlos took a flight to Geneva, where he spends more and more seasons.

And this Wednesday, exactly 9 days later, the monarch has set foot on Spanish soil again. Around 12:00 in the morning she landed at Vigo airport on the private plane that he uses to travel, and as has happened on the other occasions that he has traveled to Galicia, he has been received at the foot of the tarmac by his close friend Pedro Campos.

After descending the ladder with some difficulties and helped by his trusted man, Don Juan Carlos headed to the house of the owner of ‘Bribón’ in Sanxenxo, where plans to participate in the regatta that will be held this weekend -on the 20th and 21st- a month after winning the first championship of the 6-meter Sailing League.

At the moment it has not emerged whether in this new visit, the tenth -something increasingly common that responds to the wishes of Felipe VI’s father, 86, to spend more and more time in Spain- a family member like Infanta Elena will travel or Infanta Margarita to the Pontevedra town to meet him again.

A stay in our country that will likely last until next Sundayand in which we do not know if Don Juan Carlos will take the opportunity to travel to Madrid to see Queen Sofía, who was discharged from hospital last Saturday after being hospitalized for five days due to a urinary tract infection.